little labs

Little Labs exists to help everyone lead church in the simple way of Jesus.
It’s fun. I promise.

Everyone who has access to Jesus has the goods to lead church. Even the littlest followers of Jesus get to lead us!

little labs

You Can Lead Church Just Like the Big Shots

The goal of Little Labs is for you to believe and live that truth. Participants will not be lectured at.

Grace is a pastor who loves to preach but would rather hear her three year old pray for her than any of her best sermons, any day. She believes we all have the ability to lead church and in fact we are all supposed to, while still getting to be inspired by the skilled musicians and preachers every so often.

Church should be more like family dinner with meaning than a concert. We all love concerts, but we don’t get to go to them every week! We do need dinner. And breakfast and lunch. And we can gather at the table with meaning, even with word and sacrament, each week, in our own homes starting with our own households. Are we really allowed to call this church and God won’t smite us? 🙂 Yes, we are. And it is sacred. And you and Jesus will have a blast together, and likely come away with more than if you watched someone else talk and sing for an hour.

Little Labs is a place to experience and practice shared-leadership as a different way to structure church and think about mission. Watch the video above to hear more about it. FYI, the video podcast is from Community of Grace Lutheran Church. It’s called “Grace People Podcast” because of the church name, not Grace:)

When we are empowered to lead on Sundays, we are empowered to lead in our neighborhoods.

Still confused? Visit the FAQs.

They will experience an alternative church structure, simple kingdom living in spite of Western culture, and following Jesus on mission in our neighborhoods with full guidance along the way. The goal is for each participant to have their own version of a simple micro-gathering at some point during their lab experience. If a mom* of 3 kids 4 and under can do this and not be remotely stressed by it, so can YOU!

*this mom started Little Labs with a 4, 2, and 6 month old and DOES get stressed with other things like parenting, for the record

As we experience both shared-leadership and simple ways of following Jesus on mission, we will realize how light and easy Jesus’ yoke is for all who take it upon themselves.