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WHERE IS THE LAB? Grace can bring the lab to your home, backyard, apartment, RV, houseboat, beach bungalow, hotel, tent, or wherever you call home. She can even come to a church building! 😉 The most ideal location is wherever you or someone in your group lays their head most nights.

Little Labs is a training experience that helps you learn how to launch your own missional micro church or movement. It’s much simpler than you think. Participants will experiment with their own gathering at some point during or after the training, and have full guidance and support along the way.

Participants may already have their own micro movement/gathering that they would simply like guidance and inspiration for. Everyone will experience shared-leadership in a church gathering, a customized processing and support time, and missional experiences that are both individual and collective. Virtual labs are possible-reach out for more info!

Training can include how to incorporate missional micro-churches into an already existing conventionally structured church.

You will also get to contact Grace with any questions or troubleshooting needs you have between labs.

Sunday mornings are the ideal time for both the lab training experience and your ongoing micro gathering (your own little lab). This is not set in stone but it’s strongly encouraged for many reasons. One of the best reasons is that Sunday mornings are the day & time that our culture says believers gather. Another is that it’s a day & time that most people do not work or have other activities.

However, let the Spirit lead you! The best time for me to bring the lab to you is whenever you’ll likely be continuing your own lab.

HOW LONG IS IT? Anywhere from 1 to 5 lab experiences, each 1-2 hours. Time can vary depending on your needs. One lab is enough to get you rolling and I can provide ongoing coaching in between as needed.

WHO SHOULD I DO THIS WITH? If you are a pastor or on staff at a church and considering launching missional micro gatherings as an alternative to Sunday services, you and your staff should go through the lab together. You will then be guided through a simple plan for each staff member to have their own lab/little gathering with people in their neighborhood or social circles.

If you’re an individual, you can start with whoever you live with (your own family or one roommate), or one or two people who you have continued to see during COVID. Don’t overcomplicate it-who would you invite to dinner at your house right now? See if they want to join you for a lab experience.

WHAT IF I LIVE FAR AWAY? For those living outside the Twin Cities, contact Grace to talk about how a distance lab works. Virtual labs are possible and so is coaching from afar.

SUGGESTED DONATIONS: (tax deductible)
For churches:
$100 per person (includes 2 labs with coaching for up to one month). Group rates and custom fees can be created.

Individual rate (for those not sponsored by a church): $30/mth suggested donation for as long as you receive coaching/lab experience from Grace.

HELP OUR CHURCH! Grace can work with you to customize things for your church’s needs and desires, but an additional consulting fee may apply. 

MONEY SHOULD NOT EVER DETER YOU FROM HAVING A FUN LITTLE LAB! These are all truly suggested donations.

COVID-19 SAFETY: all lab training gatherings will be socially distanced and follow all state and local laws regarding COVID-19. Each facilitator can determine what additional rules they would like to have in their home for both their lab training experience and their own ongoing lab. Food sharing is an encouraged basic component of the gatherings but participants are not required to share food if they are not comfortable. Each individual is responsible for their own safety and proper hygiene when gathered.

Little Labs is not liable for decisions made by each unique host and lab gathering any location that is not owned and operated by a member of Little Labs.